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A direct primary care doctor and patient sitting together
Bret Brummitt1 min read

Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) stands as a transformative force in healthcare.  It offers a paradigm shift that champions lower costs, superior outcomes, and heightened satisfaction for both patients and providers. By working outside or around (but not directly) with insurance, DPC minimizes administrative overhead.  This translates to reduced overall healthcare costs.  And, it allows providers time to really provide primary care.  It empowers providers to deliver unhurried, personalized care, which is what primary care should be!  It’s not just sick care.  There is time for proactive well care.  With extended appointment times, physicians in DPC forge deep connections with patients and have time to be proactive.  This tends to lead to better health outcomes. In this innovative model, the harmony of lower costs, improved results, and heightened satisfaction heralds a promising era in primary care.

Direct Primary Care for Consumers

If you are new to the DPC concept or want to hear what it’s like from the patient perspective, watch the first video.  Amanda and Bret Brummitt define DPC.  Then, they discuss their own personal experiences with Direct Primary Care.

DPC for Professionals

And, if you want the more in-depth version of what’s going on in the DPC world, watch this second video.  Amanda and Bret Brummitt interview Jay Keese, Executive Director of the DPC Coalition.  Jay discusses it’s origins, why it’s better than fee for service, and current legislation.


Bret Brummitt

In 2019, Bret launched Generous Benefits, leveraging 20 years of experience in Employee Benefits. His mission is to transform communities through innovative benefits solutions. Bret envisions benefits beyond traditional offerings, aiming for a lasting impact by stretching, tailoring, and curating packages. He coaches insurance agencies with Q4intelligence, actively participating in communities like Health Rosetta and the Free Market Medical Association. Based in Austin, he balances his professional pursuits with running alongside Gilbert's Gazelles and playing baseball with the Austin Blue Jays.

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