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Create a benefits program that is relevant, fresh, and engaging.

Generous Benefits invests in you. We are deeply committed to understanding the current needs of your company. We pose challenging questions to understand where benefits and the lives of your employees intersect. This enables us to create a plan to help you reach your desired destination. Experience a seamless, trust-based process that makes continuous improvement feel effortless.

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  • Health & Prescription
  • Cash Accounts
  • Compliance
  • HR Tech

Health plan and prescription cost strategies

It all starts here with a thorough review of your health plan and prescription spend. Looking at your current setup, we want to know what works well, what you need, and where you want to improve. Then, we'll develop a strategic plan and roadmap with our recommended changes.

For instance, should you consider self-funded, level-funded, or fully insured plans? How can you reduce prescription costs while still providing full coverage? How can we leverage advanced primary care to move past fee-for-service sick care?

We have all the tools you expect when creating your program such as virtual care, pharmaceutical sourcing, and advocacy programs. We also have the ones you may not expect, including direct primary care solutions, direct contracts, surgical bundling, and incentive networks with zero-dollar copays.

And, we can augment your health and prescription plans with dental, life, disability, and employee assistance programs.

Most importantly, benefits should be customized to what your company needs and values. Sometimes, that’s a simple off-the-shelf fully funded plan. Sometimes, it’s a highly complex self-funded plan. We aren’t going to push you towards a one size fits all approach because you and your employees deserve better.

The goal? Happier, healthier teams and lower costs.

Cash-based accounts and education

Strategically leveraging cash-based accounts provides a powerful tool of improvement for your benefits program. Most likely, your company uses traditional flexible spending accounts (FSA), health savings accounts (HSA), or health reimbursement accounts (HRA). We customize these accounts to positively impact your workforce. For example, we may create a program focused on steerage to low-cost or free locations of care or we may utilize them to meet employees' needs where the health plan falls short.

The cash-based account solution can be a creative non-insurance product that meets your needs while creating savings for the company and the employee.

The goal? Create better funding solutions for employee health care.

Compliance support, training courses, and document creation

Compliance is critical but difficult and always evolving. Together with our compliance experts, we provide extended support to make your job easier. From keeping you on top of compliance alerts and deadline requirements to offering live compliance support and training courses, we’ve got your back.

We’ll provide needed information, point you in the right direction, and help with required compliance documents, such as Section 125 plan documents, ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) Wrap plan documents, and Form 5500 prep and filing.

The goal? Take the stress out of compliance and help you carry the load.

Benefits admin, payroll tech, and HR tech

Technology can make your job infinitely easier, but it may feel overwhelming. Selecting and setting it up takes some patience. We help you evaluate benefits admin software, assist with interviewing payroll vendors, and review and roadmap human capital management (HCM) systems. Committing to an efficient system for payroll, employee reviews, employee and benefits communications, benefit or payroll deduction data, or retirement integration is key to a smoothly running benefits program.

The goal? Organize your data and processes to streamline operations.

Want to work with us? It’s simple.

We set up a meeting to learn about your unique needs and those of your employees.
We'll dive in together to understand how you operate and what outcomes you're aiming to achieve.
We’ll create a roadmap that outlines strategic objectives for your plan and partner with you to implement it.
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Let's talk!

Together, we'll create a meaningful impact through your benefits plan.

Hear from our clients.

Bill McLaughlin, CPAChief Financial Officer, Auto Rescue Solutions

"Bret and his team helped us streamline plan offerings, reduce company costs, and improve choices and access to care for our employees who are now educated on the effective use of their benefits. With their help, we have also implemented Human Resource tools including a Learning Management System with their on-demand HR Experts that support our company. And the icing on the cake is after we started working with them, their team found multiple errors in enrollments and fixed previous invoices which led to several thousands of dollars in refunds."


"We really appreciated your help with our account starting in 2022.  The products offered to our employees were cost effective.  Also, enrollment of employees through your portal was a time saver.  It permitted the employee to make their own choices. 


Thank you for all your help with our employee insurance benefits."

Neil NoblePresident, Navigant Motor Group

"We have been working with Bret and his team for many years. They provide a rare combo of personalized customer service with new and novel ideas and approaches to benefits. They have helped us save money and improve offerings to our team. We are thankful to be working with them!"

Aida HerreraChief Financial and Administrative Officer, BenBella Books, Inc

"Generous Benefits’ team of experts have implemented a system that allows each employee to manage their benefits in an easy and efficient way. We get a reliable health plan cost control based on our unique needs. We have learned how to implement PTO policies, organize enrollment and use integrations. The care and guidance we receive is the key to keep partnering with Generous Benefits!"