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HRIS Field Tracking in Employee Navigator
Sophia Sircar10/9/21 6:46 AM1 min read

HRIS Field Tracking in Employee Navigator

HRIS Field Tracking

HRIS Field Tracking in Employee Navigator is a tool that allows HR personnel to track changes made by employees to important information. You can choose which employee data they would like to track. It also allows for a filtered view of the employee’s profile, that way an HR member’s view of an employee’s profile can be modified to see only the employee information that is relevant.

Any information set to be tracked will show changes made by the employee on a Demographic Change Report and the Employee Timeline. An HR required option is also available through HRIS Field Tracking. Any missing information that is deemed HR required will populate that employee onto an Incomplete Employee Report and the employee will not be able to log in or make enrollment selections until the field is filled out.

The steps:

  • Log in to your online HR portal through your company’s landing page or Employee Navigator’s site 
  • Go to the “Settings” tab at the top
  • Go to the “Company” menu on the left and look for “HRIS Field Tracking”
  • Click on “HRIS Field Tracking”
  • Go to the drop down bar and select a field to edit
  • Uncheck/check boxes in the 3 columns to stop/start tracking or remove/add from the employee profile
    • The “Track Changes” column will turn tracking of data changes on and off
    • The “On/Off” column will make data visible to HR on the employee’s profile
    • The “HR Required” column will make data required to begin enrollment

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