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Leave laws across multiple states
Bret Brummitt2/19/24 12:11 PM1 min read

Compliance with Leave Laws Across Multiple States

Navigating compliance while operating a company with a workforce across multiple states has always placed an extra burden on your company's administration. With the rise in both remote workers and the enablement of increased productivity through advanced and better-adapted technology, this reality of navigating the complexity has only grown in scope for your operations team.  And, when you couple this expansion of requisite knowledge of multiple state and regional regulations with recent changes many states have made as well as communicating planned changes that will take effect over the next two years, your operations and Human Resources teams have a super-human role to fulfill.


Understanding State Leave Laws: The Downloadable Reference Booklet

Our partners over at Mineral HR have created a state-by-state guide which you can download from this blog.

Now, if you need to know about the rules and requirements in Texas, Minnesota, and California like we do, there is one handy guide you can turn to for reference.  

All 50 states and territories are included in this guide, as well as the rules around both employer size in total and employee counts in each state.

Family and Medical Leave Laws by State

Understanding State Leave Laws: Phone a Friend

Our partners over at Mineral HR also have a 1-800 number and their online "submit a question" option that can also be used.  The downloadable booklet is very helpful, but every circumstance likely has some unique factors that need to be addressed as well. 

This option is not open to the general public, but we can help you get connected. We offer access to Mineral HR through our compliance service packages, and United Healthcare offers freebie access. We can help with both opportunities so please reach out to us.


Bret Brummitt

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