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Import Demographics in Employee Navigator
Sophia Sircar9/20/21 6:19 AM1 min read

Import Demographics in Employee Navigator

There are many different ways to import demographics in Employee Navigator. When there are changes in employee eligibility, such as a change in class type, it is useful to import a demographic update.

Demographic updates are particularly useful because they include a change effective date to declare when a change will go into affect. If you need to update employee eligibility with a change effective date, update eligibility based on a change and a change effective date or update benefits/plan costs based on a change and a change effective date you should use a demographic update. You can either import a document using the same change effective date for all data or using a different change effective date for each update by filling out a demographic change date column in the document.

Employee Navigator also has templates available for you to use when importing information. There is a template specifically for demographic updates as well as other types of imports. Be aware that imports cannot be deleted or undone. Make sure you are thorough and detail-oriented when importing your documents.

The steps:

  • Log in to your online HR portal through your company’s landing page or from Employee Navigator

  • Go to the “Employees” tab at the top

  • Go to the “Quick Links” menu and look for “Import Employees and Enrollment”

  • Click on “Import Employees and Enrollment”

  • Click “Import”

  • Add the file you would like to import from your computer

  • In the drop down menu, select “Demographic Updates”

  • Set your change effective date if all changes occur on the same date

    • If changes being imported occur on different dates, compete the “demographic change date” field for each change on the document being imported

  • Click “Save”

  • Check all column headings are correctly matched to their data in the “Map” tab > click “Save”

  • Correct any abbreviations in the “Audit” tab > click “Save”

  • Double check the number of employees and dependents EN displays as being updated in the “Commit” tab > click “Commit”

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